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Canada’s most influential creators call Kin home

Whatever your passion, we have expertise and tools to help you succeed across all social platforms. With the power of Corus, we also offer the opportunity to amplify across broadcast, digital, radio, and events.

When you join Kin, you are partnering with a team that champions the Canadian creator community. Our focus is to connect you with opportunities that monetize your content, creativity and influence.

Canada's most influential creators


Alexandra Gater

I don’t think I could have come so far in my career so quickly without Kin. They are the only partner I would ever even consider signing with. Each and every member on the team at Kin is invested in my content. They all want what’s best for me and my channel and are always available whenever I need them. They really are my work family, in a job that can be so isolating. 

Matt Basile (AKA. Fidel Gastro)

When I collaborate on a project, I look for some key qualities in a partnership: creativity, ability, passion, compassion and relentless work ethic. If I can find 1 or 2 of those qualities in a team it’s a win. The amazing people that are at the core of Kin show up to every single project with all five of these qualities every single time. It’s not their job it’s who they are and THAT is what separates them from everyone else in the digital landscape.

Lauren Toyota, Hotforfood

I started working with Kin right when I started my YouTube channels. I dreamed of a team that felt comfortable, friendly, super supportive, and equal partnership but I wasn’t sure one existed that could be this perfect. Well Kin is that team and I’m so thankful they believed in me and wanted to be part of this adventure!

Letitia Kiu

I've worked with several Partners and I've never seen one structured the way Kin is. I signed on for the incredible team that supports me and is truly invested in my success. It can be overwhelming to manage behind the scenes as a creator, while trying to make a living. Kin has allowed me to focus my energy on creating content, and I have seen the team work tirelessly to help me. They have my full trust!

Tina Singh

After my first meeting with Kin, I knew they cared about the success of my channel and social platforms. They took the time to understand my goals and plans for content creation and what was really important to me. We have been able to work together to create some amazing content that I’m very proud of. Throughout the years, their support has remained consistent, along with their commitment to help me create a successful platform. Kin isn’t your typical Partner; they treat you like family.